Devil’s Dyke Burwell, Cambridgeshire


Working with Cambridgeshire Wildlife Trust our sheep are helping to preserve the meadows, grassland and essential wildflowers to encourage the survival of many insects that rely on Devil’s Dyke as a food source.


Our sheep are bred to provide the healthy and low maintenance sheep for your grassland, conservation and meadows. Our sheep are  a composite breed to produce the best characteristics from native and international breeds to provide:


  • Strong footed
  • Healthier
  • No trimming
  • Shelf shedding wool
  • Hardy
  • No supplementary feeding
  • Graze on little food source
  • Rams
  • Breeding Ewes & lambs
  • Low input, High output meat producing sheep


Conservation grazing is livestock grazing that meets nature conservation objectives and includes everything from extensive, low-intervention grazing schemes meeting welfare needs of livestock while allowing natural processes to occur to grazing on improved grassland managed to optimize sward structure for invertebrates, small mammals and birds.

Our sheep are perfect for all weather conditions and self shedding to reduce maintenance and require no supplementary feeding.


Our lambing season begins in April and  birthing is mostly unassisted outside with low to no intervention.


Conservation grazing sheep in Cambridgeshire are ideal for the following grassland:


• Infertile, dry sites – prone to drought

• Large sites with varied topography

• Small sites – where other animals are inappropriate

• Botanically important sites (where botanical importance outweighs

• Easily supervised sites – tethered, continuous but rotational grazing


Devil’s Dyke Farm is a working farm and we manage the scrub on the Devil’s Dyke with sheep and by hand. Devil’s Dyke Firewood also provides a complete tree care-maintenance, climbing, felling, planting, stump grinding, hedge cutting.  hay, straw and livery for horses.


Devil’s Dyke Farm was Established by Martin Rix, a tree specialist firm in 2004 and began recycling arboricultural waste into usable firewood.  Devil’s Dyke firewood  is made from timber, which is sourced from our tree surgery work where ever possible and our firewood is supplemented with forestry thinning from Peckhams of Thetford.


Devil’s Dyke, Devil’s Dyke Farm and Devil’s Dyke Firewood is located to West of Newmarket and north of Cambridge, on the Cambridgeshire/Suffolk border, half way between Ely and Newmarket. We travel approximately 20 miles for deliveries, please contact us if you are unsure whether you are within our coverage area.